July 2019

Tim Leydecker joins the research group as a post-doctoral fellow between INRS and IFFS (Chengdu, CN)

May 2019

Jean-Francois Marin joins the research group as a 4-month summer student, partially funded by a Desjardins undergraduate scholarship. Welcome and bravo!

1 April 2019

Chaoying Fu receives an NSERC post-doctoral fellowship which will fund the next two years of her research within our research group.
Bravo Chaoying!

April 2019

Sandra Vasilijevic joins the group as an intern for 3 month

February 2019

Rene Lopez joins the group as an intern for 3 months, funded by a scholarship from Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica.

January 2019

Iman Shakery joins the group as an intern for 6 months.

October 2018

Emanuele is invited visiting professor at the Dept. of Chemistry, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica

30 August 2018

Emanuele is the sole awardee of the Prix d’Excellence de la relève in Natural Sciences and Engineering from the University of Quebec (which includes 10 universities).

See links here:

Video interview (in French)

June 2018

Yan-Fang Chen joins the group as a post-doctoral fellow.
Welcome Yan-Fang!

May 2018

Atiye Pezeshki joins the group as a post-doctoral fellow.
Welcome Atiye!

January 2018

Ilknur Eryilmaz joins the group as a PhD student. Welcome Ilknur!

December 2017

Emanuele (PI) and his colleague Marc (co-PI) received generous funding from FRQNT-FRQS within the framework of a Bilateral Program

November 2017

Emanuele receives a John-Evans Leader from Canadian Foundation for Innovation

April 2017

Emanuele is awarded a Discovery Grant (Physics panel) by NSERC. This grant will fund his research program for the next 5 years.

1 January 2017

Chaoying Fu starts as a post-doctoral fellow. Her research is funded by an FRQNT post-doctoral fellowship.
Bravo and welcome Chaoying!

December 2016

Emanuele joins the Young Academy of Europe

1 November 2016

Orgiu Research Group starts off